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As online shopping becomes the norm, customers and brands alike need and use data to make smart purchases and sales, respectively.

Whether tracking price changes, scouting the consumer mindset and market, or monitoring your competitors, Grepsr helps you extract high volumes of product details from all kinds of ecommerce platforms. With powerful features like automated schedules and delivery integrations, the Grepsr platform ensures you always have the freshest datasets to make the best decisions.

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Buy Box monitoring

On Amazon, the Buy Box is the display on a product detail page with the Add to Cart button that customers can use to add items to their shopping carts. “Winning” the Buy Box means increasing your chances of selling an item. With vendors struggling to control their products’ distribution and pricing, Buy Box monitoring is key for vendors to have control over their brand on the platform. Grepsr's large-scale data acquisition service enables you to monitor any number of Buy Boxes at a frequency of your choosing.

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Measure your share of visibility

Your brand appears for a certain time on a retailer's site (organic and sponsored). Share of visibility (search) is the percentage of those search results. If you want to stay on top of the digital shelf you need to keep tabs on your share of searches. Do all that and more with Grepsr's large-scale data extraction service.

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Price monitoring

The sale of your product is heavily dependent upon its price. Even more so when you are planning to retain your customers for a long time. With so much competition around, you must have a system in place that monitors the prices in real-time. Grepsr offers a unique price monitoring solution that allows you to form a future-proof strategy by proactively responding to changes in prices, promotions, and tactics.

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Get a head start on dropshipping with data

Dropshipping businesses without a perpetual data flow (detailing the inventory and stock availability) are bound to fail. Data acquisition services like Grepsr are adept at initiating and maintaining a healthy seesaw between the needs of your customer and the capacity of your supplier.

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Trace unauthorized sellers & counterfeit products

Unauthorized sellers can burn a big hole in your wallet by selling your genuine products at a low price. If some of them get ideas and begin selling counterfeit products, your loyal customers will soon pivot to a competitor's brand. Our services can help you locate the perpetrators and bring the matter to justice before it gets out of hand.

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Improve your rank on retailer sites

The rules of engagement are different from retailer to retailer. You can't replicate your rankings from Amazon on Bestbuy. They each have their own algorithms and to excel in all the websites, you need to analyze different data sets. That's where we come in. Grepsr's data acquisition helps you improve your SERP ranking.

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